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There are so many different ways to make your wedding day fun, unique and memorable. In this article you’ll find 10 ideas to make your Connecticut wedding reception a once in a lifetime event.

Your reception is where some of the best memories of the day are made, with photo and video opportunities galore. If you’re looking for ways to ensure that your wedding reception will be talked about for months or even years to come, here are a few fun ideas that you’ll definitely want to steal:

Connecticut Wedding Reception Cocktails
Connecticut Wedding Reception Signature Cocktails

Connecticut Wedding Reception Idea #1: Create a signature cocktail

Get the celebrations off to a classy start by creating a signature cocktail for your wedding.

Use your personalities as a couple as a guideline and chat to a mixology pro about some of the options to take your cocktails to the next level.

Consider making one of the signatures a “Mocktail”, this is a great way to make your guests who don’t drink feel included and saves them from the boring soda or juice they would be drinking otherwise.

Your guests will love the unique options and it will help kick your reception into high gear.

S’more Love Party Favors

Idea #2: Give them cake to-go

If you’ll be serving other desserts at the reception but would still like to give your guests a slice of wedding cake, why not purchase a few custom cardboard boxes that your guests can use to take some sugary goodness home with them.

Furthermore, think about how many weddings you’ve been to where the dessert was served and cleared all while you were out on the dance floor dancing the night away.

Wedding Table Number by Age
Table Number showing the couple at age 12.

Idea #3: Pair up table numbers and photos

Give your guests a glimpse into your pasts by creating custom table numbers that include photos of you and your partner at that specific age.

For instance, create a time line with the tables by changing the numbers to years starting with the year you first met all the way up to the year of your wedding.

Not only will this start a lot of “I remember when…” convos between guests but it also tells the story of your relationship.

Customized Coasters
“Please don’t take my drink I’m dancing. ” Customized Coasters from Victoria and Jacks
Branford House Wedding.

Connecticut Wedding Reception Idea #4: Customize your coasters

By customizing coasters with the guests name and table number you’ll give them a fun way to find their seating assignments.

This will give guests something personal to take home and remember your special day by…other than the centerpiece someone always tries to take home.

Bride and Groom Kiss in the Photo Booth
Allie and Will share a kiss under their custom hashtag

Connecticut Wedding Reception Idea #5: Create your own Instagram hashtag

Hundreds of photos will be taken at your wedding and sometimes the best shots are taken by your guests.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these amazing moments and memories, create your own Instagram hashtag and display it at the reception for all to use.

Dancing at Branford House
Bride Victoria dances with her guests as the band plays on at Branford House.

Connecticut Wedding Reception Idea #6: Get them dancing

Add a touch of fun to your reception and get more people to dance by assigning a song or lyric to each table. When the DJ plays that particular song, the entire table needs to get up and dance. Curate each lyric to the dancing ability of the guests at the table. It’s a great way to break the ice for those who “don’t dance” and a perfect segue on to the dance floor.

Connecticut Wedding Reception Idea #7: Change up the garter / bouquet toss

Don’t want to simply toss your garter into the crowd?

Change things up a bit by placing it on a football and get your husband to toss that into the crowd instead or hide the bouquet under a chair or table and make a scavenger hunt out of it.

Connecticut Wedding Reception Idea #8: Add a DIY beer bar

Are you and your partner fans of a cold beer? Why not hire out a DIY beer bar where your guests can help themselves. Add one or two different varieties and a couple of mason jars and you’re good to go.

Connecticut Wedding Reception Idea #9: Even the bathrooms can be fun

Add a quirky touch to the reception bathrooms by adding a funny photo of each of you on the bathroom doors.

Make your own ice cream sundae bar at my own wedding!

Connecticut Wedding Reception Idea #10: Everyone loves ice cream

Instead of serving up traditional desserts or opting for a DIY candy bar, why not change things up by having an ice cream bar instead? Throw in a few different ice cream flavors and toppings and you won’t be able to keep your guests away.

In conclusion, when it comes to planning your Connecticut wedding reception, decide what’s most important to you as a couple and build on that. You can’t go wrong. If you enjoyed these tips check out some of my timeline tips here.

"Any couple getting married would benefit from her kindness, organizational skills and gift of execution."

- Michael, Groom

"Regina and her team truly made our wedding day the best day of our lives."

-Erica, Bride

"I believe Regina was my most important wedding vendor because she truly made everything come together. I would recommend Regina and her awesome team to anyone!"

"My wedding day was my most perfect dream wedding!!"

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