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Connecticut Wedding Planner & Designer for the quirky, unique & non-traditional couple.

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As you plan your Connecticut wedding, you might find it challenging to include all the people you hold dear and it’s when big milestones such as a wedding occur that you realize how empty life is without your deceased loved ones. For those who are no longer with us, special gestures can keep their memory alive on your big day. However, whether or not you should depends on your relationship with the person and how long ago they passed. If they passed recently, the reminder at your wedding might be too raw and sensitive. 

If you feel it would be welcomed and appreciated, feel free to honor them throughout your wedding. Here are some gentle and meaningful ideas:

Photo Lockets for Subtle Remembrance

Consider attaching a photo locket to your bouquet or boutonniere. It’s a delicate yet poignant way to carry the presence of your departed loved ones as you walk down the aisle.

Wear Something That Belonged to Them

Incorporate something meaningful that belonged to your loved one into your attire. Whether it’s a hat, tie, or pocket watch, wearing their cherished item can create a subtle connection and a beautiful tribute.

Reserved Seat with Personal Touch

Reserve a seat in honor of those who can’t be there physically. Add a photo or a small personal item to the chair, symbolizing their presence during this significant moment.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Illuminate your ceremony with a memorial candle. Lighting it with your partner signifies the enduring spirit of those who are no longer with you, creating a touching and symbolic moment.

Melodic Memories

If your departed loved one had a favorite song, incorporate it into your wedding. Play it during the processional, recessional, or even for a special dance at the reception.

Create a Memory Display

Commemorate multiple loved ones with a photo display at your reception. This gallery of memories can serve as a silent but powerful tribute, allowing guests to share in the warmth of those cherished moments.

Incorporate Their Favorites into the Celebration

Infuse elements your departed friend or family member loved into your wedding celebration. Whether it’s a specific activity, drink, or type of food, integrating their favorites adds a personal touch to the festivities.

These thoughtful gestures may be small in scale but carry immense significance. By incorporating them into your Connecticut wedding, you ensure that the memory of your loved ones remains an integral part of your special day.

For more heartfelt wedding planning ideas in Connecticut, reach out to Weddings by Regina Marie. We’re here to make your celebration uniquely yours. 💕🌿 #ConnecticutWeddings #MemorableMoments #WeddingPlanningCT

"Any couple getting married would benefit from her kindness, organizational skills and gift of execution."

- Michael, Groom

"Regina and her team truly made our wedding day the best day of our lives."

-Erica, Bride

"I believe Regina was my most important wedding vendor because she truly made everything come together. I would recommend Regina and her awesome team to anyone!"

"My wedding day was my most perfect dream wedding!!"

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