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May 26, 2021

Interview with Morgan Ofsharick of MEO Photography

Morgan Ofsharick is the owner of MEO Photography, a photography company based in Connecticut. Morgan joins Regina and Cate to talk about how photography went from a casual hobby to an obsession and how the pandemic forced her to plunge headfirst into doing photography full-time.

We talked at length about why Morgan focuses her attention on intimate weddings, and Morgan explained her process of coming to understand what’s ‘mandatory’ and what’s not as a photographer–finding the gray areas where she can pick and choose what really matters to her and what lights her up.

She reiterated why you don’t want to hire a photographer solely based on price (a common theme on this podcast), and we talked about the value of choosing your photographer wisely. She was also really forthcoming about the challenges of pricing yourself, and she and Cate talked shop about being perfectionists in a creative field. Morgan’s main thing is to RESEARCH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER before booking them!

Morgan was wonderfully chatty, and we had so much fun talking photography with her!

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find her: www.morganofsharick.com

Email: meofsharick@gmail.com

Social media: @meofsharick.photography on Instagram and on Facebook

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Podcast: @weddoweddingpodcast

Regina: @weddingsbyreginamarie

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Written By: Cate Barry of @catebarryphotography

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