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April 21, 2021

Love, Honor, and Cherish with David Lang

David Lang is an officiant and owner of Love, Honor, and Cherish, based in Vernon, CT. He serves all of Connecticut. David joins Regina and Cate to crack them up, talk about wonderfully nerdy weddings, and explain why there are photos of him officiating in a dinosaur costume on his website.

David regaled us with a variety of delightful stories and shocked us with the number of weddings he officiates each year. He is a full-time middle school English teacher, so Love, Honor, and Cherish remains his fun, part-time job–and as such, he gets to be “as relaxed as he wants to be” about it, forgoing complicated contracts and retainers in favor of keeping things simple.

As we got to know David better throughout the interview, we came to understand who his ideal couples are–hint, they’re usually slightly offbeat and have unique ideas for their weddings–and thus, we all have that in common! David also explained how his teaching career has informed his role as an officiant, and the adage, ‘you can never teach the same lesson twice’ proves as true for weddings as it does for the classroom.

David was an incredibly charming, fun guest, and we both hope to work with him at weddings in the future! We know they’ll be incredibly thoughtful, likely funny, and they may even include a unicycle.

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find him: lovehonorandcherish.com

Email: lovehonorandcherishct@gmail.com

Written by Cate Barry of Cate Barry Photography , my co-host on The ‘We Do’ Wedding Podcast.

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