Each of our weddings holds a special place in our hearts for different reasons. Here, we'll give you a glimpse into the biggest days of our clients' lives in hopes that you capture some of that emotion. We'll also give you tips and advice so that you can have a seamless flow to your wedding day as well.  


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March 25, 2021

Interview with Cait Fletcher Photography

Cait Fletcher Photography is a wedding photography company based out of Guilford, Connecticut. Owner Cait joins Regina and Cate to discuss the joy of shooting weddings, having a trusted network of professionals, and finding the style she’s been working towards for the past seven years.

Cait and Cate geeked out about taking the long view of wedding photos and what kind of photos they’re both inspired to take. Cait walked us through what a typical wedding day looks like in such brilliant, clear detail–she’s a teacher, and it definitely shows! She also talks about what kind of client typically finds her, and why she thinks that is.

We also discussed the perils of editing–perfectionism, outsourcing, and why it might take several months to get a wedding completed during peak wedding season. Basically, Cait dropped a ton of knowledge, insight, and joy about all things wedding photography. We absolutely loved Cait’s interview and hope to have her back for future episodes!

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find her: photographybyfletcher.com

Email: info@photographybyfletcher.com

Social media: @photographyct on Instagram, @caitfletcherphotography on Facebook

Find the hosts on social:

Podcast: @weddoweddingpodcast

Regina: @weddingsbyreginamarie

Cate: @catebarryphotography

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