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February 24, 2021

Interview with Kim DeBose of Curated by Kim

Kim DeBose, owner and creative director of Curated by Kim, is a wedding coordinator (and budget wizard) based out of Connecticut. Kim was our first guest to arrive with a specific subject in mind: BUDGETS. In our conversation, we talked about how it all starts with a couple’s hard-stop number, and Kim walks us through her process of helping clients allocate each piece of their budgetary pie.

Underneath all the numbers, Kim wants to help couples get to their big ‘why.’ Through talks about money, she opens up conversations about values, priorities, and from that, she offers personal recommendations on how to prioritize precious funds.

It was fun to learn how Kim’s personality helps her in her role as wedding planner, both during the process and on the big day. She says above all else that she is an advocate for her clients, and she’s not afraid to “be the bad guy” when it comes to defending her clients’ budget and vision. She discusses specific elements of design that can impact a wedding, and she and Regina laugh about how wedding planners come to understand ALL the quirky family dynamics that might impact a wedding.

From Kim’s website: Here at Curated by Kim, we believe in the timeless traditions of Family, Fun, and a Packed Dance Floor! We understand that every love story is unique and each wedding should reflect the journey of the couple! I can’t wait to chat about one of the most important days of your life. So please feel free to share each romantic, gushy and frightful moment with me, I certainly live for them!

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find her: www.curatedbykim.net

Email: Hello@CuratedbyKim.net

Social media: @Curatedby.Kim on Instagram, @CuratedByKim on Facebook

Find the hosts on social:

Podcast: @weddoweddingpodcast

Regina: @weddingsbyreginamarie

Cate: @catebarryphotography

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