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January 27, 2021

Interview with Best Friends Flowers

Best Friends Flowers is, in their words, a “queer-run secret garden, growing flowers and curating sustainable floral design” located in New Haven, Connecticut. Owners Isabella and Unison join Cate and Regina to discuss the duo’s passion for wildflowers, working with clients who align with your values, and how flowers and other natural elements bring events together and help create little ‘worlds.’

Isabelle and Unison were an absolute delight to speak with. They are both passionate about nature, all things local, and sustainability, and it was so helpful to hear their take on what is often a monolithic-feeling floral industry. Their intelligence and humor made this interview chock-full of education, laughter, and plenty of the messy, real stuff: some true behind-the-scenes moments of entrepreneurship, being a queer person in a straight-dominated industry, and bucking the system to be true to yourself.

We’ll leave you with words taken straight from Isabelle and Unison’s website: The integrity of our flower operation matters deeply to us. We practice no-till farming and use exclusively natural and/or organic amendments on our soil and plants. We never throw excess flowers in the garbage – they either get composted or given away. We prioritize paying reparations with a portion of our monthly flower profits and will be donating flowers on a weekly basis in 2021.

We love working together on these flowers from start to finish, and we can’t wait to share some of the beauty with you.

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find them: www.bestfriendsflowers.com

Email: flowerdoula@gmail.com

Social media: @bestfriendsflowers on Instagram

Find the hosts on social:

Podcast: @weddoweddingpodcast

Regina: @weddingsbyreginamarie

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Written By: Cate Barry of @catebarryphotography

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