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December 16, 2020

Interview with Nine Five Photography

Nine Five Photography is a fine art wedding photography company based out of Waterbury, Connecticut. Owner Devon Valentin joins Regina and Cate to discuss what leads people to the wedding industry, shooting with film, and why second photographers are so important.

Devon has owned and operated Nine Five Photography since 2013, and his love for the industry and for his clients shines through in everything he does. He takes a fine art approach to wedding photography and has perfected his dreamy light and airy style. He stands out among photographers by also shooting in film, offering clients both products as part of his wedding day services.

We loved talking to Devon about how he loves his clients, what matters the most to him about his profession, and who is ideal clients are. You can learn more by checking out his beautiful website and following him on social media! Check out the gallery at the bottom of the post, where you can find images talked about during this episode.

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find him: https://www.ninefivephotography.co/

Email: ninefivephotography.info@gmail.com

Social media: @ninefivephotography on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Find the hosts on social:

Podcast: @weddoweddingpodcast

Regina: @weddingsbyreginamarie

Cate: @catebarryphotography

Written By: Cate Barry of @catebarryphotography

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